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  • Dario
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    Like Mario

  • Space Conqueror
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    Space Conqueror

    Space Conqueror is a game where you can customize your own ship (still on development) in 2D world top-down shooter space environment. These are list of ..

  • Spacer
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    I know, this game is bad, It's a type of Space Blaster. Try It! Ps. I'm Italian

  • GameTestEarlyDev
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    Early test of my game, all art/music/sounds/pixels/everything is hand made by me. Roguelike game with randomly generated levels (only 3 possible levels atm)

  • Fairytale Annihilation
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    Fairytale Annihilation

    Fairytale Annihilation is a cartoon shooting game where you must repair your helicopter that has crashed landed. Enemies like fairies, unicorns, haunted ..

  • Tanks
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    This game is the similar to the game Tank 1990 but the difference is that you have to destroy the base "Eagle" and you fight both tanks and soldiers.

  • Flappy Windows
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    Flappy Windows

    Click and Fly

  • shooter_revamp
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    Mod of the Shooter tutorial

  • Monster Survival [Heavily Modified]
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    Monster Survival [Heavily Modified]

    Left click = Fire Right click = Grenade H = Hardcore Mode Enter = Restart This game was created on my first day using this software! I am extremely impressed ..

  • Bouncy Messi
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    Bouncy Messi

    Like Bouncy Ninja with Messi Google Play Link

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