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  • A platformer…like any other
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    A platformer…like any other

    WARNING : not finished at all this is like the pre pre pre alpha don`t expect anything good this is the first time using construct 2

  • Crossroads
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    Top view scrolling space shooter similar to Galaxia. Beautiful graphics - designed to run on just about everything. Best Score, game save/ resume, Levels and a ..

  • Diamond Dreams
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    Diamond Dreams

    Diamonds, dubstep, and...scary faces? Sounds trippy.

  • Morgan Freeman Hates Poptart Catz
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    Morgan Freeman Hates Poptart Catz

    Your a poptart cat trying to survive morgan freeman's wrath.

  • Falling Boxes
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    Falling Boxes

    Avoid falling boxes otherwise they will kill you.In the future: store, change the character and a lot of different cookies and all all all :)

  • Ma Balls
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    Ma Balls

    Ma Balls is a fast paced sports game. Using the arrow keys run around pushing the balls of different Sports Game as they start bouncing, before the time runs ..

  • Sticky Run
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    Sticky Run

    Run, jump and change colors.

  • Telefrogs
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    A small game about teleporting frogs. Music by Rutger Muller (

  • pixel gaiden (example
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    pixel gaiden (example


  • Tests
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    My first attempt at making a platform rpg game

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